Boob tape Medium


You are planning to wear a beautiful piece of clothing for a special occasion. You've seen a beautiful dress in the store or still in the closet with an open back and/or deep cleavage, but you don't have a bra that is suitable for this. WHAT NOW!?

In situations like this, the boob tape is the perfect solution. With the help of this tape, the breasts can be lifted in the desired way, which ensures a fabulous look. The tape can be applied in a variety of ways (as shown on the back of the box) and trimmed to any shape to suit any type of outfit.

incl. 1 pair of nipple patches!


  • The tape is breathable
  • 180% stretchable
  • Painless to remove
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Resistant to humidity
  • Suitable for breasts up to size E+
  • Wearable for at least 12 hours


First, test a piece of tape on a small piece of skin. Do not use in case of skin irritation!

The surface where the tape is used must be clean and dry. So make sure that there is no oil, cream or make-up on the piece of skin where you want to stick the tape. Cut off a piece of the roll and tape!

Please note, the tape is very stretchy. You don't need to use large pieces.

The tape is easily removable, but to remove it completely painlessly, you can rub a little oil or cream on the tape.

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